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Soulful, Emotional Beats

This poem was originally written on 4/29/2010 and was tucked away in a journal of mine until I finally put on some adulting pants and did a deep cleaning of my place in an attempt to organize and create more space. Background, I was a senior in high school at Nazareth Academy when this was written, 18 years old, and stopped dancing competitively the year before due to Our Lady of Nazareth Closing down, and was inspired by an English assignment where we wrote about something that we loved; the first thing that came to mind for me was dance... Enjoy :)

The base, shakes the floor - vibrating

Beginning with my feet before diffusing into my blood, flowing through my vessels

Becoming one with the soul.

Emotion engulfing the body, translating into a fluid motion

Each muscles tightening, feet pointed, arms extended and head turned

The body becoming one with the beat

Seduction, desire, sadness, euphoria and anger through salsa, reggae, alternative, pop, rap & rock

Different beats exposing different emotions expressing different soulful characteristics

Sweat, tears, frustration cultivated

Yet lost, dissipated through the cathartic movements

Negative energies pouring out of each pore, flying away with each turn

Replaced with the vibration of peace, love, joy and harmony

The feelings, desires, urges is not foreign; the rush embraced

Quickly taking over the place before engulfing the space

All the while, keeping the same physical face

The only thing changing are beats and bodily shapes

Then the music stops....excitement grows from the crowd

The shouts grow louder as a curved expression appears - a smile

There is only one emotion left: desire

The desire to provide an encore, reliving the moment all over again

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