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Pilates Workout

AlyMarie Moniz

Pilates Instructor

Additional Health Benefit!

Free for Employees



77 Pearl St

Somerville, MA 02145

Benefits of Pilates and adding Exercise to your routine

We want out employee to be healthy and thriving, living as pain-free of a life as possible while still being able to function and meeting exercise guidelines, which can be difficult given out job as electricians and tradesmen are physically demanding, an we experience aches and pains cause by stress, poor sleep, diet, or exerting too much energy too soon just like everyone else.  The ACSM (American College of Sport Medicine) recommends each human has 2 strength training sessions with either 150 min/week of moderate intensity cardio or 75 min/week of high intensity cardio. Regardless of if your meeting ACSM guides lines or not, we want to help our employees get there in order to thrive, which is why we decided a personal training experience for employees and their family members. 


Why Pilates rather than a gym membership or any other personal training session? Because you can perform the same exercises you may perform in a gym while still meeting guidelines in regards to muscle and cardiovascular health due to the weighed resistance bands of the equipment, with or without gravity, and increasing overall strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, control, and proprioception to help strength the body overall with or without any current pain or injuries due to the Pilates Method's heavy rehab/physical therapy integration. It's like killing 2 birds with one stone, allowing Moniz Electric to cater to your movement experience regardless of why you're choosing to take advantage of this this benefit. 

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