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Pilates Practice
Stretching on a Mat
Working Out at Home
Working Out with a Physio Ball
Working Out with a Pilates Ball
Woman with Pilates Mat
Practicing Yoga
Outdoor Practice with a Stretch Band
Outdoor Practice
Pilates Class on Reformers
Pilates Practice at the Studio
Pilates Practice on a Reformer

Amplify your Lifestyle

And Making Fitness Fun with Contrology, the Pilates Method

Empower yourself and discover how strong you really are using Pilates or Contrology - Joseph Pilates chosen word for the method meaning the complete connection of mind, body and spirit. Regardless of what your reason is for doing Pilates, the point is the method is adaptable enhance your life's experiences, whether it be to enhance movement/activities, reduce pain, or develop enough strength, confidence, and self-efficacy  to enjoy activities you used to be able to enjoy.


There are enough tasks we dread doing in our daily lives; getting in shape and meeting your physical goals should be an enjoyable task where you feel successful, and are able to make it park of your lifestyle - you know, where it actually fits in, becomes a habit and completed rather than tossed to the side with other uncompleted tasks.  With a plethora of different exercise and apparatus used in Pilates, the real task is discovering how Pilates and it's toys can be used to manipulated to fit you, your needs, and bring you to a place where you find the pleasurable of fitness.

So bring you to Pilates? 

Pilates Practice on a Reformer

Practice Options

1:1 Coaching Package

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